Founded in 1995, Seabury Capital provides investment banking, financial advisory, restructuring, software development and consulting services for all segments of the aerospace and aviation industries, as well as for the travel, travel technology, real estate, and insurance industries.

The firm’s professionals bring executive-level experience from top-tier Wall Street investment banking firms, “hands-on” management expertise from industry-leading transportation companies, and analytics from world-leading consulting firms. Seabury Capital employs over 200 professionals based in the United States and Europe, serving clients on all continents. Seabury has one of the largest investment banking, restructuring and management consulting firms in the world dedicated to the transportation sector.

They understand – first-hand – the needs of their clients and are able to work with them to develop solutions, no matter how challenging the task.

Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity and excellence. Seabury can provide a superior foundation for building a professional career — a place for people to learn, to achieve and to grow. At Seabury you would be part of a dynamic, growing team. International travel and regular client interaction should be expected.

Seabury and its affiliates are equal opportunity employers.

Career Development

Seabury Consulting offers development experience unparalleled with any top-tier consulting firm. While Seabury is an excellent training ground to launch into numerous careers, we want our team members to consider the company as a viable long-term career option. Constant professional development is our team’s central mission.


  • Immediate on-the-job learning: Regardless of level, we expect our people to perform and accept important responsibilities from day one. While each member enjoys extensive coaching and an official training program, we believe the fastest learning occurs through hands-on experience.
  • Accelerated learning curve: You should develop as fast as you are able with no barriers or a large bureaucracy impeding your progress. We reward responsibility commensurate with ability, not just assigned title.
  • Mastery of the core consulting tool-kit: Seabury’s range of projects (strategic, operational, organizational) ensures that each team member enjoys a variety of project experiences and perfects a broad consulting skill-set — highly coveted in the business world.
  •  Airline expertise: Our airline specialization also guarantees that each member becomes an expert. Instead of committing a significant portion of time during individual projects to “learning an industry” you will instead spend time building business skills with each new project.


  • Best in class coaching and mentorship: Our team has significant background in the management consulting and aviation industries. As a result, we have experience coaching and training top talent. Our mentor program ensures every team member feels 100% satisfied with his or her experience at Seabury.
  • “Open Door” policy: Our senior team encourages employees at all levels to feel comfortable speaking with them whenever necessary about their concerns related to professional development, training and performance. Every team member is a valued element of our company’s success, and our senior team takes each employee’s concerns and recommendations seriously.

Career Trajectory:

  • Merit-based promotions and entrepreneurial rewards: We offer competitive compensation and significant bonuses for strong performance. Consistent with our entrepreneurial mission, top performers will enjoy exceptional upside bonuses.
  • Formal performance review process: Commensurate with a performance-driven bonus structure, our performance review process is a formalized bi-annual activity. Both upward and downward reviews are conducted to produce a clearly outlined and thoughtful assessment of each team member’s performance throughout the year.

Additional Benefits:

  • Sponsorship and other benefits: In addition to general compensation, Seabury also provides highly attractive medical and retirement benefits. Seabury will also sponsor the cost of earning a pilot’s license for those who stay with the firm for three years and allows for the opportunity of extended leaves of absence.
  • World travel: With clients scattered across the globe, our work provides the opportunity to travel to a host of locations for extended periods. The list of past and potential destinations includes: Australia, Europe, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Canada and South America. Members of our team can easily transfer between our worldwide offices and accommodating our team’s individual preferences for location is a priority. We have main offices in New York, Amsterdam, London, Minneapolis and Hong Kong.