Turnarounds & Workouts honored Ginger Hughes as a person to watch in 2014

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Turnarounds & Workouts honored Ginger Hughes as a person to watch in 2014

Ginger Hughes served as a primary strategic architect of Canada-based Chorus Aviation’s new Capacity Purchase Agreement with Air Canada and its wholly owned subsidiary Jazz Aviation with respect to 11-year collective agreement with its pilots. “We are transforming Chorus to become a more formidable competitor in the regional aviation industry,” said Chorus President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Randell. “The time is right to restructure the CPA as it was no longer competitive in the ever-changing regional environment. Significant achievements such as the simplification and modernization of our fleet combined with an industry-leading agreement with our pilots, and a new compensation structure under the CPA all serve as catalysts to secure our cornerstone business with our customer Air Canada, and to create incremental value through growth and diversification.

Ms. Hughes’ work with Chorus addressed one of the regional airline industry’s most vexing labor issues – that of pilot availability for airlines and an individual pilot’s chosen career path.  This industry-wide issue has come about through an impending spike in pilot retirements which has been exasperated by among other things – economic swings and industry consolidation.

Ms. Hughes was promoted in 2014 to Managing Director & Co-Head Airline Corporate Advisory.  Her team is currently made up of a dozen people which were active with nearly 20 client projects in the past year.  “Ginger brings in a set of exceptional skills to the Corporate Advisory Group. She has successfully managed a number of complex corporate turnarounds, and has an exceptional track record of delivering to our clients’ superior results,” said Seabury Capital Vice-Chairman Michael B Cox.

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