Benoit Debains

Managing Director, Seabury Securities

Benoit Debains is a Managing Director with Seabury Securities. Previously he served as advisor to Plane View Partners and as Managing Director at Skyworks where he advised major airlines on the purchase of new aircraft.

He has 35 years of experience in aircraft financing and selling.

Benoit was global head of sales finance for Airbus, 13 years where he built the deal analysis model, created the sales finance team in North America, founded and managed Airbus Financial Services before being promoted to SVP Finance and Treasury with the addition of corporate finance, cash and currency management, and led strategy in currency hedging between 2001 and 2007.

As head of Airbus’ sales finance arm, he was involved in all major Airbus sales campaigns, served as a member of the Airbus deal approval committee, and lead the direct financing of more than 300 aircraft, credited as a critical factor of Airbus’ success.