Edward M.A. Zimny

President & CEO, Seabury Maritime

Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Zimny was associated with Paul F. Richardson & Associates (“PFRA”) since 1994, where he directed advisory assignments on a global basis for a complete host of industry stakeholders. He is a high-honors graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s Marine Transportation & Marine Affairs Program, and has supplemented his education with certificates/diplomas in sea-going operations, business administration and logistics. He has held postings in Asia, Europe and South America, and prior to his work with PFRA, was employed by Royal Nedlloyd Group, Crowley Maritime Corporation, and SeaLand Services. An avid boater and waterman, Mr. Zimny is well-acquainted with the full spectrum of the maritime industry, as he has also had extensive dealings with the marine trades industry while being a past principal of firms which had holdings in recreational boatbuilding, marinas, and commercial waterfront real estate.