Nikos Petrakakos

Director – Head of Environmental Innovation, Seabury Maritime

Mr. Nikos Petrakakos joined Seabury Maritime in September 2018, as Vice President and of Head of Maritime Environmental Innovation. Mr. Petrakakos has focused his career around global shipping with over 13 years experience, with deep knowhow in both the commercial and technical aspects of maritime shipping, and is a go-to specialist for Environmental & Social Sustainability for the Maritime industry with a financial focus to the impact of new regulations and changing pressures on the industry.

At Seabury Mr. Petrakakos has a broad focus, including heading the new Green Ports advisory services to complement the existing ports advisory, developing a Green Marine Retrofit Finance service (Scrubbers, BWT, LNG, and more), as well as advising green technology providers (hardware and software) in the maritime industry targeting growth. Additionally, he will be working with the Maritime Investment Banking team on various equity, debt, and M&A projects in the dry-bulk, tanker, and other shipping sectors.

Prior to joining Seabury Maritime, Mr. Petrakakos co-founded Ursus Maritime Capital (formerly EfficientShip Finance), a specialized consultancy and finance company that provided a proprietary award-winning alternative turn-key project finance for fuel efficiency retrofits, exhaust scrubber installations and alternative fuels for the Maritime industry. The project finance model was based on a proprietary shared savings model, helping owners meet the growing new requirements and changing market dynamics. During this time, he was also an Investment Associate and industry expert for Maroon Capital Group.

Mr. Petrakakos began his career as Operations Manager at Oldendorff Carriers, the largest global dry-bulk ship operator with over 600 ships. He later joined ship manager HART Shipping as Commercial Director and member of the board, heading all Commercial and Sales & Purchase activities, securing debt and equity finance for their newbuilding ship projects, as well as creating their ESG consulting division. He also held business development roles for PPG and CMP.

Mr. Petrakakos’ experience in such a broad range of the shipping industry, allows him to effectively bring creative solutions, combining both a commercial and a technical perspective to problem solving.

Nikos holds an MSc degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Ocean Systems Management, and received his BSc in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the Webb Institute.