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The Seabury Capital team has extensive experience across many industries, see how we can help your business achieve desired results

Seabury Aviation Partners

Industry-leading practice delivering global restructuring and investment banking capabilities to aviation clients worldwide

Seabury Securities

Delivering global restructuring, turnaround & investment banking capabilities to clients in Aviation and Aerospace & Defense

Seabury Capital Management

Managing funds with investments in aviation, aerospace, logistics, travel, and technologies

Financial Asset Management

Providing solutions and financial products to match clients’ investment criteria

Aircraft Technical Asset Management

Delivering proven capabilities covering a full range of aircraft and engine-related services

Financial Services & Trading

Providing secured working capital financing for manufacturers and other suppliers of goods and services

IT & Enterprise Software

provides cutting edge software, data and IT solutions for the airline industry

our businesses

The Seabury Capital companies deliver innovative and intuitive solutions geared toward our clients’ diverse and emerging needs

Our Businesses

Since its founding in 1995, Seabury Capital has taken ownership stakes in software and asset management businesses servicing the aviation and travel industries. Within the last few years, Seabury Capital has expanded its portfolio by investing in early stage startup companies within the financial technology industry and structured investment products. In addition, Seabury Capital owns and operates FINRA, NFA and FCA regulated investment banking services firms in the U.S. and U.K., respectively, serving external clients as well as assisting the companies in which Seabury Capital has invested.
Seabury Capital has operations in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Cordoba, Dallas, Delray Beach, FL, Dublin, Durban, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Houston, Jersey City, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Mumbai, Nairobi, Seoul, Shannon, Singapore, Summit, NJ, Toronto, and Tokyo.