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Secured working capital financing
for manufacturers and other suppliers

Seabury Capital provides secured working capital financing to manufacturers and other suppliers of goods and services. Unlike other supply chain finance providers, we believe supply chain finance is the providing of cash flow all along the different points in a supply chain and not just after an invoice has been approved by the buyer. We work with multiple supply chain platforms to provide funding solutions for companies involved with global trade from purchase orders through to payments including inventory and invoices. Our platform leverages big data along and our unique knowledge of supply chain transactions to provide funding solutions that are traditionally costly and not readily available to companies.

Seabury Capital developed, owns and operates a proprietary trade execution system that enables a diverse group of institutional end-user clients to electronically submit OTC Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals orders for the purpose of finding and routing to the best available price.

Seabury Capital also provides Proprietary Foreign Exchange (FX) and precious metals ECN organized into four primary product offerings: Modules, Distribution, Management and CRM. Seabury Capital also originates, securitizes and services portfolios of vehicle service contracts (VSCs), in partnership with financial institutions and investors.

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