Highly configurable, user driven,
multi-model architecture

Enterprise Performance Analysis System (EPAS)

Enterprise Performance Analysis System (EPAS) designed to empower analysts to move beyond spreadsheet schemes and legacy solutions for greater control, improved visibility and more flexibility in support of performance measurement objectives. Executives gain access to current, accurate and insightful dashboard views of the operation.

Airline Performance Analysis System (APAS)

Airline Performance Analysis System (APAS) is a module within the EPAS Suite and is the leading solution in the airline industry for measuring route and network performance. The results modelled in APAS support decisions such as frequency rationalization, entering/ exiting markets, fleet utilization, etc. APAS provides a comprehensive view of the network by generating information at the route level (flight segment by date), network level (flight/ beyond flight combination) and O&D level (passenger itinerary). APAS is currently used by Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines , WestJet, & Aeroméxico. The fact that a single product can fulfil the requirements of such a diverse population of airlines speaks to its versatility and scalability.

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Contract Performance Analysis System (CPAS)

Contract Performance Analysis System (CPAS), another module within the EPAS suite, is a highly configurable and efficient tool which allows the user to define and apply contractual terms and conditions to a set of one or more events/transactions and generate an expected financial value using an intuitive volume times rate context. CPAS is designed to work in conjunction with and as a complement to a company’s existing financial systems by providing high volume transaction processing capabilities and detail analytics both within and across contracts. Contract details are captured through a user friendly interface. While the primary objective of the system is focused on the financial components of the contract, the system provides a structure in which all of the key components of the agreement can be captured and categorized for easy search and reference.

Control and Management System for Aircraft Maintenance (Alkym)

Control and Management System for Aircraft Maintenance (Alkym) is an integrated modular solution designed to optimize aircraft technical operations. With more than 18 modules and tools available each client can select a tailored solution. From technical and logistical to regulatory aspects of the operation a seamless approach allows effective communicate the correct reactive time.

Alkym brings the top functionality at the most cost effective price and can be taken both as a license or a lease model to suit every type of operator. The user friendly interface and ability to query data with in-built reporting maximizes the productively for each operation.

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Seabury Solutions

Seabury Solutions was established in 2002 and forms part of Seabury Capital. Since then, they have been delivering leading IT solutions to enhance the operational and financial performance of some of the world’s largest aerospace & defense organizations. Utilizing decades of technological expertise in-house, we have leveraged this knowledge into a suite of products that enhance the decision-making process for MRO/M&E, Regulatory Compliance, Safety Oversight & Performance Analysis.

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