Seabury Solutions’ eAuthority to Support Operations of Argentina’s Civil Aviation Authority

Seabury Solutions’ eAuthority to Support Operations of Argentina’s Civil Aviation Authority

Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) Has Elected to Implement the Company’s Integrated Management System to Enhance Aviation Safety Inspections

NEW YORK – August 28, 2019– Seabury Solutions, a subsidiary of New York-based Seabury Capital Group LLC and the market leader in the development of Information Technology solutions for the aviation industry, announced today that The National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina (“ANAC”) will implement eAuthority, the company’s integrated management system for civil aviation authorities.

In collaboration with the interdisciplinary Seabury Solutions team, ANAC has kicked off the first stage of the system’s implementation, aiming to enhance the management and administration of aviation safety inspections. As a first-time eAuthority customer, ANAC is expected to utilize the robust capabilities of the system to strengthen its ongoing efforts targeting the promotion of safety.

“eAuthority is the kind of solution an administration of the size of ANAC requires for the efficient management of aviation safety,” said Seabury Solutions Chief Executive Officer Bijoy Mechery. “Once again, we are pleased to comply with the requirements of the most demanding aviation authorities.”

Tomás Insausti, ANAC’s National Administrator, commented: “We are proud to see the beginning of the implementation of this management software for safety promotion because it represents a substantial improvement for ANAC and civil aviation. I would like to congratulate all the members of our organization who have collaborated actively on this major transformation.”

eAuthority allows the computerization of information and the integration of some organization processes, including aviation safety inspections, making them more agile, reliable, and efficient. This technological solution is focused on the management of quality assurance, safety promotion, and risks assessment. It looks closely at maximizing and optimizing the controls performed by the organization, considering its positive impact on aviation safety procedures, from their planning to their execution, their monitoring and the resolution of findings. The key features of the software will drive operational enhancements in the areas of:

  • Creation of inspection programs and optimization of tasks carried out by inspectors and control officers;
  • Elimination of hard copies used in procedures for obtaining licenses, certificates, and registration of aircraft;
  • Management of medicals;
  • Centralization of information in a single database for monitoring processes through indicators, dashboards, and risk management; and
  • Interchange of information internally between different areas of the body and with other agencies.

Further elaborating on the implementation, Manuel Roché, Seabury Solutions Vice President of Sales for Latin America, added that “the result of this bidding process by ANAC definitely positions Seabury Solutions very favorably in the region and ratifies the firm intention of the company to go forward accordingly.”

The obtained information will allow, through a structured and systematic analysis, to delineate new measures that contribute to dynamically achieve a control cycle method for the continuous improvement of safety in operations. “eAuthority is essential in order to comply with the standards and regulations necessary for achieving aviation safety set by ICAO,” noted Roché.

“Considering the modernization framework of the ANAC’s processes, the implementation of our software will enhance the management of resources, triggering greater efficiency, transparency, and optimization of teamwork,” concluded Roché.


Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration (known as ANAC for its acronym in Spanish), is a decentralized agency that depends on the Ministry of Transportation of Argentina. Its mission is to set standards and regulations, supervise the national civil aviation, provide training and integrate the aviation community. Reference ANAC at


Seabury Solutions is a subsidiary of Seabury Capital Group LLC and the market leader in providing Information Technology solutions for the aviation industry. With more than 15 years of experience and specialization in the development and implementation of world-class software solutions for aviation, Seabury Solutions has an unmatched reputation as a provider of cost-effective solutions in the industry. Three out of the four largest airlines in the world use the performance management systems built by Seabury Solutions. Reference Seabury Solutions at


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