Channel Islands Aircraft Registry opens for business in Guernsey

Channel Islands Aircraft Registry opens for business in Guernsey

Amsterdam, Dec. 10, 2013 — The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry has opened for business after a successful launch event in Guernsey attended by dignitaries, aviation-related businesses as well as aircraft owners.

The Registry, known as ‘2-REG’ will be of particular interest to owners, operators and asset managers of business aircraft, as well as aircraft lessors. Aircraft registrations will bear the nationality mark ‘2’ followed by four letters, allowing for personalised registration marks. 2-Reg will be open to turbine-powered airplanes above 2,700 kg and turbine-powered helicopters based anywhere in the world, and airplanes and helicopters based in Guernsey and Jersey. 2-Reg is a registry for aircraft and helicopters not used for commercial air transport.

Fergus Woods, Director of Civil Aviation for the Channel Islands said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted to have the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry up and running. The Registry is being operated under a true private/public partnership between Guernsey’s government and SGI Guernsey Ltd, a subsidiary of SGI Aviation, and its parent, the Seabury Capital.’

John Luth, Chairman, President and CEO of Seabury Capital, and Chairman of the SGI Aviation board of directors said at the launch event: ‘I am impressed by the initiative taken by the States of Guernsey to add the creation of an aircraft registry to their portfolio of financial services. Even more so, the model chosen is not only unique in the world for such a registry but will add a level of service not normally seen by government-run registries. We’re confident SGI’s well established position in the aviation safety market as well as Seabury’s standing in the global aviation industry at large will ensure ‘2-Reg’ is a successful private/public partnership.’

Wadick Chomyszyn, CEO of SGI Aviation who was also present at the event said: ‘It is really fantastic to see 18 months of hard work come to fruition with the introduction of the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry. We’re offering competitive registration rates to corporate jets and off-lease commercial transport aircraft, wherever they may currently be registered.

Mr Chomyszyn continued: ‘2-REG is proud to support Channel Islands Air Search (CIAS). This unique organisation provides rapid response airborne search and rescue services across a 4,000 square mile area covering the Channel Islands and the nearby French coast. The volunteer crew and pilots of CIAS often put their own lives at risk to assist those in need at sea.’

‘Therefore as a ‘thank you’ for welcoming us to the Channel Islands, the Registry will donate £500 for each selected registration to CIAS to help raise the funds required to get the aircraft back up in the skies.’

For further information please contact Alison Robins or 01481 723456

Notes to Editors

About the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry

The offshore registry, located in Guernsey, is offering aircraft registration to local residents, owners of corporate aircraft, as well as lessors of commercial transportation aircraft in between leases. Aircraft will be accepted on the registry based on European (EASA), US or Canadian certification standards providing more flexibility than other registries.

The Registry uses the registration ‘2-’ followed by 4-letters, offering unique registration mark combinations to its customers.

The Registry is welcoming aircraft which are not operated for commercial air transport.

The Registry is offering:

  • 24/7 support on request
  • Easy and quick registration process
  • Validation of pilot license based on aircraft ratings
  • Worldwide network of safety oversight inspectors for convenience and cost savings

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry, which is owned by SGI Aviation, consists of an independent team of experienced aviation professionals acting on behalf of the Director of Civil Aviation of Guernsey.

About SGI Aviation

SGI Aviation is one of the largest independent technical advisors to the aviation industry and handles all aspects of technical consulting services, asset management and also provides aviation-focused advisory and regulatory training.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, with regional offices in New York, Dallas, Singapore and Shanghai, SGI currently employs more than 70 professionals worldwide. As part of the Seabury Capital, SGI is uniquely positioned in the industry and has the capability to help with the setup, management or growth of airline operations as required.

SGI provides a seamless approach towards its individual services, for both aircraft operators and financiers, covering the entire aircraft life-cycle from pre-acquisition and delivery phase through to commercial operation and asset redelivery, sale or part-out. Services are tailored to the client’s specific requirements, advising on all aspects of commercial and management exposure to maximize asset value while minimizing transactional risk and techno-commercial exposures. Services are performed by a team of experienced professionals from all areas of the aviation and aerospace industry.

About Seabury Capital

Seabury is a global advisory and investment banking firm with over 250 professionals based in 14 countries on five continents, including six offices in the United States, providing clients a comprehensive approach to driving business solutions, no matter how complex or challenging the issues. Seabury provides investment banking and merchant banking, management consulting, enterprise MIS software solutions, structured investment products, FX trading software, trade finance solutions, and human capital advisory services to clients in the following industries: aerospace, automotive, aviation, cargo/logistics, explosives/mining, financial services, gaming, hospitality, infrastructure, insurance, manufacturing, maritime/offshore oil & gas exploration, metals processing, mining, private equity, debt and hedge funds, real estate and travel.

Seabury professionals are a unique combination of top-tier bankers, consultants, software solutions experts, and former industry executives that provide in-depth advisory services to effectuate enterprise-wide change. Since 1995 Seabury’s professionals have advised on over 900 client engagements globally including assignments involving negotiating new or existing aircraft orders totalling over $250 billion (list prices) and structuring over $80 billion of equity and debt capital transactions. Additionally Seabury served as investment banker and restructuring advisor for 10 of the 15 largest airline turnarounds, including restructuring over $100 billion of debt and lease transactions.

Seabury has increasingly broadened its global businesses to include structured finance products, enterprise software, and trade finance services. Seabury is a global leader in providing software tools and data products covering aviation, aerospace, cargo/global trade, FX trading and human capital. Seabury has developed world-class, enterprise-wide MIS systems that can extract information, manage contracts, and evaluate data across an array of IT systems delivering real-time analysis and executable information. In 2013 Seabury acquired FXone Ltd., a leading provider of new software tools and enterprise software for market makers, brokers and traders for FX trading based in San Francisco which has been renamed Seabury Financial Solutions LLC, and 1 East West Limited, a provider of innovative supply chain finance solutions, based in Hong Kong, which has been renamed Seabury Trade Finance Exchange Ltd.