FXone Finalist for Best Auto-Trading Software

FXone Finalist for Best Auto-Trading Software

San Francisco, CA – November 15, 2012 FXone, the only automated trading platform that supports complete automated trading strategy development using nothing more than standard spreadsheet logic and Excel compatible functions, announced that it finished as a finalist in the Best Auto-Trading Software category at the Forex Magnates Summit 2012.

Rosario M. Ingargiola, CEO at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone, said “The Forex Magnates Summit was one of the most important industry events of 2012, and the competition in each of the categories covered by the awards was fierce. We were honored to be a finalist in the very important category of Best Auto-Trading Software, in addition to being invited to introduce the FXone platform at the conference on the panel entitled “Elevator pitch for the 10 most Innovative Financial Companies”, sponsored by FXCM Ventures.”

FXone introduces features and capabilities never before seen in the retail Forex market. It replaces the typical broker GUI as well as the MT4 platform and adds considerable value beyond other platforms. For example, users can trade both Forex and CFDs manually or using semi-automated (grey-box) and fully-automated trading modes. Also, they can work with any custom frequency of data including N-Tick Bars on Bid, Ask and Mid price as well as Volume and real-time indicator data, all within the high-performance Excel compatible spreadsheets inside the FXone platform.

“Not unexpectedly, MT4, the most widely distributed automated trading software for retail FX business, won the award. As a relative newcomer that has not yet officially begun marketing our platform, we expect to gain considerable traction in this space as we become more widely known and traders begin to recognize how much easier it is to create automated trading strategies in FXone than in any other platform”, said Mr. Ingargiola.

Margaret L. Chan, Managing Director at Seabury Capital and Director at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone said “We are very pleased to see that the FXone platform is able to garner such positive industry recognition even before entering the marketplace. This is a testament to significance of our technological approach and continues in the tradition of automated trading software excellence that our team is known for.”

For institutional traders, FXone is integrated with Boston Prime, Market Securities, FXCMPro and brokers using FlexTrade technologies, with Knight HotspotFX and other connections underway, and new integrations provided free of charge for new institutional customers. Institutional demo accounts can be arranged upon request directed tosales@fxone.com.

For retail traders, FXone is currently integrated with FXCM and FOREX.com and is free to retail traders with live accounts under an Introducing Broker arrangement. Free demo versions of the platform can be instantly obtained atwww.fxone.com and product videos are also available on the site.

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