Seabury TFX and KW International Create Financing Solution to Facilitate Movement of Cross Border Inventories

Seabury TFX and KW International Create Financing Solution to Facilitate Movement of Cross Border Inventories

New Risk Management Model Utilizes Data Sources to Impact Supply Chain

NEW YORK – March 14, 2016 – Seabury Trade Finance Exchange (“STFX”), a division of Seabury Capital LLC (“SeaCap”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Seabury Capital, has partnered with KW International to provide a new supply chain financing solution designed to address the ongoing challenges facing the companies managing cross border inventories. The new solution provides manufacturers and product suppliers with access to advanced payments options that will free up working capital by accelerating cash flow from customers.

“Seabury TFX improves cash management by providing liquidity to supply chains to improve working capital and optimize inventory flows,” said Robert Lin, President and CEO of SeaburyTFX. “Our collaboration with KW International gives their clients a one-stop solution to gain greater balance sheet flexibility in addressing payment terms and tracking/carrying costs associated with the products and goods inventoried and distributed through KW facilities.”

As the global marketplace is continually seeking for new solutions to facilitate supply and demand management to meet “just-in-time” requirements, this new risk management model utilizes beyond traditional financial credit ratings and historic and current data points covering the entire supply chain to enable manufacturers and product suppliers to gain payment upon pickup/delivery to KW.

One of the first clients, Mike Kueneke, Managing Director of Hoodlamb, commented: “Hoodlamb’s limited corporate presence in the U.S. had always been a hurdle to securing production financing in the past. By working with Seabury TFX we have better flexibility and access to trade financing programs than ever before so that we can focus on our production rather than securing capital.”

KW International’s Chief Executive Officer, William Jin, said: “The ability to offer our clients with a working capital solution gives us a unique value proposition that many of our clients have been seeking. We now can assist with them with the extended payment terms from their customers.”

About KW International

KW is a logistics company built on delivering customer success through an industry-differentiating model using a customer specific comprehensive IT solution leveraging commercial logistics systems that performs 20% more reliably and at less cost than market averages for multinational electronics and automotive clients. KW’s commercially proven process is realized by teaming with the customer to deliver unparalleled cost reduction and operational efficiency.

About Seabury TFX

Seabury TFX (“STFX”) is a Hong Kong- and U.S.-based company providing trade finance solutions to supply chains around the world.  STFX’s unique platform harnesses the power of data and technology to originate trade finance transactions. STFX is a subsidiary of Seabury Capital LLC, a global firm founded in 1995 with two principal groups, Seabury Advisory Group LLC (“SAG”) and Seabury Capital LLC (“SeaCap”). Seabury Enterprise Solutions delivers IT solutions designed to empower their users to effectively understand and manage to their operational and financial objectives.

Seabury Capital LLC (“SeaCap”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seabury Capital, owns and operates a number of specialty finance companies providing innovative cross-border financing for equipment and trade receivables as well as insurance-backed auto service and financial obligations. SeaCap recently launched a merchant banking business to take minority equity positions in, and to provide debt financing to, middle market companies.  SeaCap also owns software companies providing enterprise solutions to airlines, aerospace companies and institutional market-makers in foreign exchange and other financial markets.