Seabury Global Markets LLC

Advanced tools and solutions
for the financial services industry

Seabury Global Markets (“SGM”) is a subsidiary of a leading global advisory and professional services firm Seabury Capital LLC. SGM conducts fintech product and solution sales and marketing and distribution within the international financial markets.

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  • SGM’s financial technology offerings incorporate the latest advances in spot FX auto trading and hedging, liquidity aggregation and tick database.
  • SGM leverages New York-based Seabury Capital’s extensive global network to incubate new ideas and deliver the most innovative products and services in the fintech space.
  • SGM’s solutions are sympathetic to local customization requirements, while delivering the ability to seamlessly string together various ecosystems that are not always natural partners.

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Seabury Capital delivers diversified and responsive business solutions to clients across many industries

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Seabury Securities

Seabury Securities

Delivering global restructuring, turnaround & investment banking capabilities to clients in Aviation and Aerospace & Defense

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