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What Differentiates Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense Consulting from other Consulting firms? What is our unique product?

  • The combination of the skills of the CEO and COO are unmatched in the aerospace and defense advisory industry.  When combining the talent of a former COO of largest defense firm in the world with those of the COO, a retired USAF Acquisition General Officer with significant command, flight test, and program management experience including leadership of world’s largest defense program, Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense will provide you a product that has the knowledge of past successes and lessons learned from across the Aerospace industry. If you have a problem statement or are looking for a gap analysis to determine your strengths or weaknesses, this leadership team will respond quickly and work with you to follow up with closure plans, whether it be in the evolution of Strategy and Capture Execution, New Business Proposal Leadership, Program Execution planning and structure, Mergers and Acquisitions, or Organizational rebuilding.  As a member of the larger Seabury Capital Organization, this Team also has reach back into adjacent skills, including commercial aerospace analysis, cost reduction opportunity identification and planning, aircraft acquisition, MRO activities, human capital usage, IT systems, and financing advice from restructuring to labor negotiations that can also apply to today’s ever increasing complex Defense business.
  • Our business model is based on utilizing high impact individuals for strategically important issues.  We prefer to partner with our clients and utilize their resources for analysis and studies at the onset.  If direct talent application is needed to complement their existing workforce, we can provide skills at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee and when the task is complete, so is the burden of cost. As 1099 employees, the client doesn’t bear the burden of another overhead cost in achieving their business goals.
  • Recruitment of this level of talent continues as our client list expands as we already support several key Aerospace organizations such as:  Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Bombardier, Embraer, MITRE, and Raytheon.
  • In addition, Seabury can bring investment banking skills to bear to conduct in-depth examinations of financial data, merger or acquisition options, and review strategic direction and business planning. We have the unique ability to see aerospace and defense challenges from both the Department of Defense and corporate leadership perspectives.  Seabury Global A&D is then uniquely positioned to bring a broad set of aerospace, banking, and advisory skills to work the problem as required.
Our Capabilities

This initial foundation of capability continues to build through the addition of over 20 seasoned Industry professionals that encompass our Executive In Residence (EIR) Program that span the skillset from former CEOs, General Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Division Level Chief Engineers, Government Acquisition Officials, to highly experienced engineering leads in Flight Sciences, Test, Software, Structures, etc.  This Team also encompasses proven and successful Capture Target Development, Pursuit, Proposal Turn Key leadership, as well as stand up and execution capability unsurpassed by our peers.  We possess a team that has recent and proven bona fides in all aspects of affordability, deep knowledge of the USG acquisition system, formation of strategic Price To Win targets, and establishment and management of plans to achieve those goals.  In total, we know what it takes to selectively target, shape, pursue, capture, and execute across the broad spectrum of domestic, international, DoD, and Commercial aviation marketplace.

A wide range of individual with unique, battle tested skills. All with long records of direct accountability for P&L, cost, schedule or technical performance.

Company / Program Executive Management

30+ Years at CEO, COO, President, SAF/AQ, General Manager, SVP, & VP Level

  • $5-46 Billion P&L Responsibility
  • Integrated Program Management Focus
  • Program Planning & Control Consistency
  • Enterprise-Wide Earned Value Management
  • Organizational Re-Structure & Talent Growth
  • Technology Road mapping & Innovation Creation

B-2, LRSB, LRSOW, Global Hawk, Atlas, Delta, PEO Weapons, F-22, F-35, F-16, F-15, BAMS, UCAV-D, MQ-8A/C, F/A-18, F-117, A-7, T-38, T-X, E-2, E-3, E-8, E-10, E-10 BMC2, KC-X, Air Operations Center, Common Mission Management System, AEHF, Laser Comm, Maritime Laser, Firebird OPV, Crew Exploration Vehicle, LEMV, X-33, Space Ship 2, Stratolaunch

Chief Engineers

30+ Years at Senior Director & VP Level

See above

Specialty Engineering

30+ Years Specialty Engineering SME

  • Software, Mission Systems, Electrical
  • Vehicle Design
  • Aerodynamics & Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural Design
  • Stability & Control
  • Weapons Integration
  • System Engineering
  • Configuration Management
  • Low Observables
  • FAA Certification
  • Manufacturing & Industrial

B-2, Global Hawk, UCAV-D, LRS-B, B-2, F/A-18, F-22, F-35, X-47A/B, MQ-4, MQ-8A/C, F-15, LRSOW, StratoLaunch,  FireBird, KC-X, E-10 BMC2, AOC, CMMS, UCAR, Presidential Helicopter, T-X, CRH, SDB-JASSM Integration, BACN, Autonomous Aerial Refueling, LEMV, E-10, Air & Space Communications

Strategy & Capture Execution

30+ Years of Success Oriented Leadership

  • Competitive Assessment
  • Price-To-Win
  • Campaign & Capture Development
  • Investment Planning
  • Proposal Management
  • Red Team, Non-Advocate Reviews (NAR), & Independent Cost Evaluation (ICE)

F-22, F-117, F-35, UCAV-D, E-10 BMC2, KC-X, MRUAV, BAMS, MQ-8A/C, UCAR, LRS-B, LRSOW

Business Development

30+ Years of Proven New Business Capture

  • Defined Capture Planning Process
  • Gap Analysis & Market Assessments
  • Business Growth Goal Creation
  • Customer Contact & Messaging Planning
  • Requirements & Evaluation Shaping
  • DoD 5000 Series SMEs

F-22, F-117, F-35, UCAV-D, E-10 BMC2, KC-X, MRUAV, BAMS, MQ-8A/C, UCAR, ERMP, LRSB, Gulfstream G-IV, CH-53, B787, A350

Products and Services
  • Program Management, Planning, and Control
  • In Depth Systems Engineering Expertise
  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Capture & Proposal Management
  • Program Execution
  • Improving Manufacturing Line Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • R&D Investment Strategy
  • Requirements optimization
  • Cost vs. Capability Trades

The Executives in Residence

Our EIR Program provides select and proven Capture Planning and Execution Checklists, Program Management organizational advice, training, and an approach to certification at desired levels.  We also provide Earned Value Management System training and qualification, and can assist in support for Independent Cost Estimating, Non Advocate Reviews, and Strategic Advisory Councils at a level appropriate for the client.

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