RIB Group Allies with Seabury Capital TFX Hong Kong / New York to Develop the Leading Trade Finance Standard for Global Construction Industry

RIB Group Allies with Seabury Capital TFX Hong Kong / New York to Develop the Leading Trade Finance Standard for Global Construction Industry

Stuttgart, 27 March 2014, RIB Software AG — Seabury Capital TFX (HK) Limited, the emerging trade finance and exchange service provider, and RIB Ltd.(Hong Kong Limited ), the leading provider of BIM 5D Big Data solution for construction industry, has signed to enter into a strategic alliance to develop the leading Cyber-based Trade Finance Solution for the supply chain in CAPEX projects. The combination of the two engines will bring non-traditional institutional capital market funding to the life cycle of the construction business.

According to the agreement, RIB and Seabury TFX will integrate and leverage both companies’ technology strengths to develop a new supply chain finance product for the global construction industry. RIB iTWO has been a leading solution in the world that supports and helps CAPEX projects to save significant cost and time, and minimize risks, while Seabury TFX has been developing alternative finance solutions for supplier and buyers of retail, manufacturing, technology and logistics through the integration with leading supply chain and logistics platforms. This strategic alliance aims to bring a leading trade finance solution to the construction industry.

Thomas Wolf, CEO and Chairman of RIB Software AG:“Seabury Capital is a New York headquartered operation with a focus in aviation, aerospace, finance and insurance and has been very innovative, with a strong management and strong entrepreneurial spirit. I can see great vision in the cooperation with Seabury TFX to develop the Cyber-based Trade Finance Solution for the construction industry and to transfer the most advanced and innovative solutions to the aerospace industry for their construction needs. Global construction market is estimated to reach US$ 15 Trillion output in 2025. Demands are growing in the construction industry for advanced trade finance and supply chain solutions. With the combined expertise of RIB and Seabury, we are confident to develop the best Cyber-based Trade Finance solution to fill the gap.”

Robert Lin, CEO of SeaburyTFX: “RIB has developed a global iTWO 5D Big Data solution, which enables the most advanced industries to transfer its data into a complete transparent process for construction. Based on the digital and virtual construction milestones and progress, we are confident that we can provide cyber or electronic trade finance solutions to meet various stages of the construction need. It is exciting to offer traders a true online TFX solution to the fast growing US$ 8 Trillion global construction industry.”

Margaret Chan, Vice Chairman of SeaburyTFX: “SeaburyTFX is a central Digital Platform for trade finance transactions and originator of trade receivables, enabling easy electronic supply chain finance to meet needs of buyers and suppliers. Our ability to consistently deliver pools of diversified receivables with managed risks and quantified default probabilities will eventually serve well as a securitization platform. Trade finance, as well as other infrastructure and aircraft finance, offers diversification of asset classes and different tenors to match liabilities. In addition, our platform will allow easy foreign currency exchange at the best available price for trade settlements, another important cost saving element to supplement RIB iTWO 5D mission.”

About Seabury TFX
Seabury TFX is a platform that harnesses the power of data-tracking and validation technology to bring credit information by leveraging automated and transparent data models generated on buyers and sellers during supply chain activities that are understandable to participating funders. Seabury TFX has access to institutional non-bank funding solutions by laying out in a clear manner, the asset risks to lenders and investors, protecting investors’ principal while providing outstanding risk-adjusted
returns. The Seabury Capital has specialized in alternative investment solutions for financing supply chain, aircrafts & aerospace, insurance premiums, infrastructure and real estate developments. For more information, visitwww.seaburytfx.com.