Seabury announces acquisition of foreign exchange trading solution platform

Seabury announces acquisition of foreign exchange trading solution platform

San Francisco, CA – January 10, 2013FXone, the company that provides the only full featured, broker neutral automated trading platform using standard spreadsheet logic for all development, announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Seabury Capital, a leading global investment bank, advisory and IT software group with over 250 people in ten offices on four continents and FINRA and FSA regulated broker dealer subsidiaries.

FXone will now operate as a Seabury Capital subsidiary by the name of Seabury Financial Solutions LLC, and will be based in Midtown Manhattan. FXone will remain as the trading platform name, and will also be a trade name (DBA) of Seabury Financial Solutions LLC. Mr. Rosario M. Ingargiola, the Founder and CEO of FXone, will be the President and CEO of Seabury Financial Solutions LLC and will serve on the Board of Directors. FXone’s CTO, Mr. Jay Marvin, will remain the CTO of Seabury Financial Solutions LLC and FXone’s entire software engineering team will also remain in place.

Rosario M. Ingargiola, CEO at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone, said “I am extremely pleased with the merger because with we are not only tapping into a truly global platform from a geographical footprint and infrastructure point of view, but more importantly, we have added a team of world class colleagues that advise top global businesses that we will work closely with to scale the business.”

John E. Luth, Founding Partner and CEO of Seabury Capital and Chairman of the Board at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone said “FXone is a perfect complement to the Seabury Capital of companies and will help us leverage our investment in our existing broker dealer subsidiaries by bolting on market leading technology and deep electronic trading expertise. Seabury Capital’s customer base includes a long list of multi-national companies that have FX and other trading needs, and we also have deep ties into some of the most promising markets for the next wave of FX and e-trading growth. We also see significant synergies between FXone and Seabury’s leading-edge enterprise software applications.”

“The FXone platform is highly differentiated from any other automated trading platform on the market, because any trader with basic spreadsheet skills, such as Excel, can easily build custom analytics and fully automated trading strategies without traditional programming. In addition, our team has a track record of innovation in this domain, and has developed patented, award winning, large scale automated trading platforms used by some of the largest hedge funds and investment banks in the world”, said Mr. Ingargiola.

Margaret L. Chan, Managing Director at Seabury Capital and Director at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone said “I have known Rosario professionally for a number of years. He brings along a team that is a pleasure to work with. We see tremendous potential for FXone’s multi-asset capable platform, not only in the FX markets, but in futures and all other asset classes including emerging asset classes, like emissions, where Seabury has an interest. The fact that the platform can also be easily used by non-programmers and retail traders alike opens up significant opportunities beyond institutional trading, such as the company’s plan to support mirror or copy trading, which taps into the social trading phenomenon.”

Bijoy Mechery, Senior Managing Director and Head of Seabury’s enterprise software subsidiary, Seabury Enterprise Solutions LLC, and Director at Seabury Financial Solutions / FXone said “The patent pending technology underpinning the FXone trading platform is truly innovative and makes high-performance spreadsheet-based trading a reality. Custom analytics and automated trading strategy development couldn’t be easier than it is with FXone.”

For institutional traders, FXone is integrated with Boston Prime, Market Securities, FXCMPro and brokers using FlexTrade technologies, with Knight HotspotFX and other connections underway, and new integrations provided free of charge for new institutional customers. Institutional demo accounts can be arranged upon request directed

For retail traders, FXone is currently integrated with FXCM and and is free to retail traders with live accounts under an Introducing Broker arrangement. Free demo versions of the platform can be instantly obtained and product videos are also available on the site.

Seabury Capital

Seabury is a global advisory and investment banking firm with over 250 professionals based in 14 countries on five continents, including six offices in the United States, providing clients a comprehensive approach to driving business solutions, no matter how complex or challenging the issues. Seabury provides investment banking and merchant banking, management consulting, enterprise MIS software solutions, structured investment products, FX trading software, trade finance solutions, and human capital advisory services to clients in the following industries: aerospace, automotive, aviation, cargo/logistics, explosives/mining, financial services, gaming, hospitality, infrastructure, insurance, manufacturing, maritime/offshore oil & gas exploration, metals processing, mining, private equity, debt and hedge funds, real estate and travel.

Seabury professionals are a unique combination of top-tier bankers, consultants, software solutions experts, and former industry executives that provide in-depth advisory services to effectuate enterprise-wide change. Since 1995 Seabury’s professionals have advised on over 900 client engagements globally including assignments involving negotiating new or existing aircraft orders totalling over $250 billion (list prices) and structuring over $80 billion of equity and debt capital transactions. Additionally Seabury served as investment banker and restructuring advisor for 10 of the 15 largest airline turnarounds, including restructuring over $100 billion of debt and lease transactions.

Seabury has increasingly broadened its global businesses to include structured finance products, enterprise software, and trade finance services. Seabury is a global leader in providing software tools and data products covering aviation, aerospace, cargo/global trade, FX trading and human capital. Seabury has developed world-class, enterprise-wide MIS systems that can extract information, manage contracts, and evaluate data across an array of IT systems delivering real-time analysis and executable information. In 2013 Seabury acquired FXone Ltd., a leading provider of new software tools and enterprise software for market makers, brokers and traders for FX trading based in San Francisco which has been renamed Seabury Financial Solutions LLC, and 1 East West Limited, a provider of innovative supply chain finance solutions, based in Hong Kong, which has been renamed Seabury Trade Finance Exchange Ltd.